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Art Exhibit of Interest (far away)

Posted by vashkor on October 8, 2009

Semiose galerie presents Piero Gilardi

Solo exhibition Piero Gilardi
live and work in Torino (Italy)

This exhibition, which is dedicated to Piero Gilardi, born in 1942 in Turin, signals the comeback to the French scene of an artist who was a decisive contributor to the birth of a movement that was to change European art drastically in the middle 1960’s.

The brilliant inventor of the “Nature Carpets “, which facilitated the dissemination of his works, Piero Gilardi endeavoured, from the start of this movement, to theorize and to guide reflection towards an “inhabitable” and “micro-emotional” art, a style that he claims himself in the name of the permanent interaction between the individual and his environment. A specific search conducted in the midst of a movement that advocates unfaltering commitment to bringing art and life together. This profoundly humanistic vision was expressed over the years equally in plastic, theoretical, and activist ways.

His plastic art proceeds almost exclusively by introducing nature fragments, daily life objects recreated in painted polyurethane foam, into the domestic living space, to invite the art lover to experience and to seize the works in concrete terms. But far from replaying a simple mimetic action, Piero Gilardi subjects the passage from source object to produced object to an aesthetic interpretation as well as to a physical interaction. In this sense, Gilardi’s works often, if not always, overlap with questions concerning design.

The exhibition shown at the Semiose galery from October 9th will bring together old and recent works to offer a glimpse of the patchwork of a comprehensive and atypical artist’s path.

Semiose galerie
3 rue des Montibœufs
75020 Paris / France

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