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End of quarter socializing:

Posted by Allison Schifani on December 11, 2009

Let us meet and celebrate this Friday. With exams and papers finished, we should enjoy our common efforts in conversation. I propose Palmieri’s bar (on San Andreas and Micheltorena) at 9(ish). Rita and Bhaskar, you too are welcome.


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Thinking about Mobile Citizens

Posted by Dana Solomon on December 10, 2009

In Ong’s book, she briefly mentions the notion of “mobile citizenship/citizens.” ┬áThis WSJ article is an interesting example of that concept. (via thebookslut).

It talks about the awarding of visas to international artists, dancers, and other “talent.”

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Room for our mini-conference

Posted by rraley on December 4, 2009

We’ll meet in South Hall 1415 for our mini-conference next Wednesday, December 11, at 9:00. It’s on the first floor on the side of the building closest to the UCEN. Hope everyone’s work is coming along. See you then.

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